Chaplain Aide

Type: Appointed by the Senior Patrol Leader
Term: 6 months
Reports to: Assistant Senior Patrol Leader
Description: The Chaplain Aide works with the Troop Chaplain to meet the religious needs of Scouts in the Troop. He also works to promote the religious awards program.
Comments: "Duty to God" is one of the core beliefs of Scouting. The Chaplain Aide helps everyone in the Troop by preparing short religious observations for campouts and other functions. The Chaplain Aid does not always lead the observation himself and can have other Troop members help.

Age: None
Rank: None
Experience: none
Attendance: 50% over previous 6 months

Assists the Troop Chaplain with religious services at Troop activities
Tells Scouts about the religious emblem program for their faith
Makes sure religious holidays are considered during Troop program planning
Helps plan for religious observance in Troop activities