Patrol Leader

Type: Elected by members of the patrol
Term: 6 months
Reports to: Senior Patrol Leader
Description: The Patrol Leader is elected leader of his patrol. He represents his patrol on the Patrol Leader's Council.
Comments: The Patrol Leader may easily be the most important job in the Troop. He has the closest contact with the patrol members and is in the perfect position to help and guide them. The Patrol Leaders, along with the Senior Patrol Leader and Assistant Senior Patrol Leader and the primary members of the Patrol Leaders' Council.

Age: None
Rank: None
Experience: None
Attendance: 75% over previous 6 months

Represents the patrol on the Patrol Leader's Council
Plans and steers patrol meetings
Helps Scouts advance
Acts as the chief recruiter of new scouts
Keeps patrol members informed
Knows what his patrol members and other leaders can do