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Insignia Placement

Proper Patch Placement

right sleeveRight Sleeve

We'll start with the right sleeve. Notice the red epaulet that was slid on by unbuttoning the button at the top portion of the sleeve. Moving down, you'll see the United State's flag. That should come already sewed onto the uniform if you purchase it or if you got it handed down from another scout. Next comes the patrol emblem. Your scout should have received an emblem early in the year. If not, have him talk to his patrol leader about getting one. They're cheap (about $2.00 - $3.00) and it's good to show pride in your patrol! Finally for this sleeve, you will see a "Quality Unit" patch. Sew the most recently earned quality unit patch roughly four inches from the patrol emblem. Quality Unit patches can be purchased where you purchased your scout uniform.

Left SleeveLeft Sleeve

Now for the Left Sleeve. There the red epaulet is again... it was slid on by unbuttoning the button at the top portion of the sleeve. Below the epaulet is where the Monmouth Council patch should go (make sure it's directly adjacent to the seam showed). Next comes the troop number. Our troop has one single patch that is available at Monmouth Council with our troop number on it. If that is not available, you can buy individual numbers (2, 5, and 8) and sew them close together. Directly below that is where the rank badge should go. Rank badges include: patrol leader, senior patrol leader, assistant senior patrol leader, den chief, scribe, librarian, quartermaster, bugler, chaplain aide, instructor, junior assistant Scoutmaster, musician, webmaster, or troop guide. Finally, if you are trained by JLC in your position of rank, you may wear the "Trained" patch

Right Pocket

Generally the right pocket is left untouched. However, temporary patches may be worn. One above the pocket must be centered. If one is to be placed on the pocket, it must be in a protector and hung from the button.

Left PocketLeft Pocket

Service stars are worn above 3/8 inches above the pocket and 3/4 inch apart (from center to center). Knots are worn directly above the pocket seam and can be arranged any way the wearer pleases. The most up-to-date rank of a scout should be displayed on the pocket, centered. Below that is where the Arrow of Light, which was earned in Cub Scouts, should be displayed.