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2016 High Adventure

posted Jan 13, 2015, 9:47 AM by Choong Yim
Base on last week's sign ups, there is enough interests from the scouts in going to Seabase OutIsland Adventure and Summit.
For the OutIsland Adventure, we have 2 adults signed up and 4 boys having that as their first choice.  There is room for 2 more.
For Summit, we only have 1 adult signed up.  Need another adult or the trip will not happen.  There are enough scouts interested in this trip and there is opening for additional scouts.
There are not enough interests in the Seabase Sailing or Northern Tier.
For those that signed up last week and still planning on going to the OutIsland Adventure and Summit, please bring a check payable to Troop 258 for $100 per person
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