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2020 Dues

posted Sep 23, 2019, 5:21 PM by Jody Havens

Our fees for this year are $110 for the first scout in your family and $100 for each additional scout.

To remind everyone where the money goes.  $45 of each fee goes directly to National Scout office.  The remaining money to the troop which we use to purchase all their awards  and supplement the expense for other supplies or activities we do with our scouts.  

Now, I unfortunately have the bad news of informing you that in addition to our Troop fees, Monmouth Council has decided to pass along to every Troop in Monmouth County an additional charge of $52 per scout per year.  They have guaranteed us that they will not raise this rate for the next 5 years and the charge will be capped at a max of 2 scouts per family.  This fee goes directly to Monmouth Council, it does not go to Nationals. It supports all Monmouth Council activities and helps run both of our awesome camps at Quail Hill and Forestburg.  We have also been informed they will offer families a hard ship discount.  There will be forms to fill out and submit to council to determine eligibility.  I do not have these forms yet but hopefully they will be available soon.   

What does this mean to you, our families. If you only have one scout then your total fees this year will be $162.  

For 2 scouts in our program your fees would be $311.  ($110 + $100 + $104) 

I know it  a lot of money, but it is for 12 months of programing. We are willing to work with all families on a payment plan, as I do not want to lose anyone over fees.  This year we would like to offer each scout a fundraiser option of selling  wreaths, sale money coming to the troop we will use it to help off set the cost of dues.  Basically, if you sell 8 wreaths you cover the $52 council fee.  If you sell any additional wreaths, the profits will be put in a scout account that can be used for other expenses.  We will pre-sell the wreaths mid October - November more information to follow.

Dues are due by December 1st, wreath sale orders are due November 13th.   

Our basic payment plan for one Scout is as follows.  Oct. 9th   $54    Nov. 1 $54    Dec. 1st     $54   (minus wreath sales)

I know this is a lot of information so please if you have any questions please reach out to me and I will be more  than happy to assist.  

We have an awesome year of Scouting planned.

Yours In Scouting
Jody Havens