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2021 Dues

posted Oct 20, 2020, 4:39 AM by Jody Havens

Our Dues for 2021 will be $130.00.   Last year our dues were $162 for the first scout in your family and $152.00 for each additional scout. Of that amount $130 was paid directly to National Scout/Monmouth Council.  The troop retained the difference to use toward the purchase of the scouts' awards throughout the year and to supplement the expense for other supplies or activities we do with our scouts. Accordingly, we had decided last year to increase the dues for 2021 to $200.

However, Covid-19 has affected and continues to affect our program and our families.  As such, we did not feel an increase to $200 would be appropriate at this time.  The Troop Committee has decided the dues for 2021 will be $130, with no sibling discount.  This will cover the fees due to National and to Monmouth Council to recharter the troop, without any funds going to the troop.

We will continue to strive to provide appropriate modified activities.  We are looking forward to our first campout in a few weeks.

We recognize that $130 is a lot of money.  As always, we are willing to work with all families on a payment plan.  We will not let the fees become an obstacle to your son continuing in scouting.

The Dues are due by December 2 as follows: 11/4 - $50, 11/18 - $40, 12/2 - $40

We are offering the opportunity to sell wreaths again this year to help offset the cost of the dues.  The money from the wreaths your scout sells will go to his credit and will reduce the amount of the dues. We will pre-sell the wreaths mid October - November, more information to follow.  If you are interested in selling wreaths please let me know.

Yours in Scouting