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Animation Merit Badge - Lowman!

posted Jun 3, 2018, 3:19 PM by Evan Bossett
I have been asked by multiple Scouts about access to the very cool model they used while at Brookdale.

Note: make sure you observe all tips from BSA Cyberchip Internet Safety if following these steps and ask a parent or leader if you require assistance.

The model you used is named "Lowman" and you can get him by going to the following link:

Note: you (or your parent) will need a free account on that site to download the file.

After downloading the file, you can start using it by following these steps:
(1) open Maya software and close any pop-up windows
(2) File -> New Scene -> Don't save
(3) File -> Import
(4) Browse to the location that you downloaded Lowman to (for me, it is c:\users\Me\Downloads\) and select LowManBlend.mb
(5) Click "Import"
(6) You may see a pop-up from "OK"

There you are now exactly where you were when we started our tour last week...

Good luck on your animation projects (whether they include Lowman....or not....)