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Care Packages for former scouts from our trip

posted Mar 10, 2014, 5:55 PM by Choong Yim
Last week 3 patrol volunteered to help collect and package some goodies and necessities to 3 former scouts who are currently serving our country. We just found out that we have a forth serviceman and he is current serving overseas.  Mr. Catedella has more information and will share that with us.  So we need a 4th patrol to volunteer.

A question came up last week as to what they need. Patrol leaders, please do some research online and let the troop know.  If they are overseas, they will not get certain things.  One that comes in mind is girl scout cookies.   It so happens that we will have some girl scouts at this week's meeting and you can purchase the cookies there and then.  If you do,  you just helped 2 people/group in one move.  How efficient !!!

One parent already heard of what you are planning to do and he has already expressed his gratitude and appreciation.