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CHOPPED- Brendan T. Byrne State Forest camping - May 16-18

posted May 13, 2014, 8:06 PM by Choong Yim
We are camping at Brendan Byrne State Forest this weekend. The park is located at Mile Marker 1, Highway 72 East, Woodland Township (1 mile east on Route 72 from the Rt 70 & 72 circle) at c campsites 8 to 11 not far from the group campsite and Sawmill Building (go to the park website for detailed map of camping area). Standard departure from Echo Lake no later than 5:45pm.  See previous postings for permission slip download.

Chop challenge heads up:
Scouts will be divided into teams.  Team challenge will consist of Saturday cooking of:
1) Pancake breakfast.  Pancakes will have surprise ingredients blind picked by the teams.
2) Dinner and dessert of which one item has to be cooked on a stove and another on an open fire.
Dinner will be chicken, surprise starch (maybe whole potatoes, mash, pasta or rice) and vegetables blind picked by the teams. The same goes for dessert - surprise picking.

Further details will be provided at the meeting.

Parents please advise on food allergies.

Looking forward to your cooking!