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East Weekend Plant Sale - Get Ready

posted Apr 2, 2015, 7:50 AM by Unknown user
Plant Sale is this weekend and we are ready to roll! 

I know we are looking at some rainy weather coming in on Friday and Saturday. But we will be open for business - rain or shine, wind or snow. Make sure you plan accordingly for the weather - rain gear, warm clothing, food and lots of water - maybe even a thermos with some hot chocolate or soup. Get to your site before your appointed time so you can transition with the other scouts and families in a timely manner.

Second - if anyone has any extra time to help us out setting up stands/organizing plants today or running the sites over the weekend, additional help would be greatly appreciate. We'll be meeting at Mr. Costa's house at 5pm today, and could use some help Saturday from 12noon-7pm and anytime Sunday from 6:30am-2pm.