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Email letter of Appreciation for Troop's help at Soldier Memorial Park

posted Sep 24, 2014, 5:51 PM by Choong Yim

As most of you may recall,  back on April 26, we did the Squankum Brook stream corridor cleanup/restoration at Soldier Memorial Park to help out the Township.  Attached is the body of the email from Mr. Mr. Ed Runyan.  He is the chairman of the Township Lake Restoration and Wildlife Management Committee.

It reads:
"Attached is the final report for the Squankum Brook Remedeation project which the Scouts helped out on. Our hopes would be that the Scouts could read through this and accept the Lake Restoration and Wildlife Management Committee's appreciation for helping to complete a worthwhile project benefiting the future of our Townships environment."

Mr. Brian Marsh from the US Division of Fish and Wildlife Services acknowledges the Troop and Howell PAL as partners in this final report that he has submitted (copy attached)

Kudos to the following that helped:

David Dawson
Andrew Struz
Sean Yim
John Espinos
Anthony Tudorov
Richard Pfleger
Thomas Fee
Nicholas Cerulli
Sidhu Arakkal
Nathan Peters

Tom Smith
John Jaichner
Tom Struz
Ray Equils
Niel Huy
Ernie  Peters

10 volunteers from Howell PAL

Thank you all on their behalf.

Choong Yim,
Sep 24, 2014, 5:51 PM