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Environmental Science Merit Badge

posted Jun 1, 2017, 5:40 PM by Patricia Misyak-Peters

Environmental Science Merit Badge - 


Please do Requirement 3F (#1, #2, OR #3) and Requirement 6 before we meet again on June 14. This will be the last chance to wrap up, talk about, or turn in missing requirements. To recap, we have done the following - 1; 2; 3A #3; 3B #2; 3E #1; and 5.


When we meet after the park cleanup on June 10th, we will be completing 3C #2; 3D #1; 3G #1/2; and 4A. If you will miss this "field event" there are experiments you can do on your own to satisfy 3C, 3D, and 4A, that start on page 77 of the merit badge book. I do NOT suggest doing the "Oil Pollution on Land" experiment, because disposing of the oily soil will be an issue. For 3G, you can write a report on bees as described in the requirement. 


If anyone has a partial Sustainability left over from Summer Camp last year, or a merit badge fair, or whatever other situation, let me know - I can be at the next two meetings if I am needed for that as well.


Questions? Send me an email!