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Glen Gray cabin camping - this weekend

posted Nov 18, 2015, 5:22 PM by Choong Yim
This weekend we will be cabin camping and doing orienteering and maybe some geocaching. Due to a snafu, there is no meeting tonight and i am unable to talk to the scouts and parents who are going.  Those going please fill out the permission slip that Mrs Fee posted yesterday, take a picture and email or text it to me so that we have a head count for food and transportation, and I can file the required tour plan. I need to get those done tomorrow.

Those going:
Pack light !
Long pants and long sleeve shirt
Bug/tick spray as we will be wondering in the woods
Water/nalgenne bottle
Orienteering compass (see my post from last week)
Whistle (very important!)

There will be a short hike to the cabin, so have your flashlight handy, and pack everything well.  It is a heated cabin, you don't need heavy sleepware or sleeping bag.

Again, please email/txt me if you are going.