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Items needed for the "Military Care Packages"

posted Mar 30, 2014, 3:08 PM by Ray Equils
Some of the Scouts ask me to post a LIST of MUCH NEEDED items for their MILITARY CARE PACKAGES. If everyone can just bring one or two items to the April 2, 2014 COURT of HONOR  or the  April 9th Scout Meeting  they will have enough items to send the Four packages to the solders. A large box will be near the entrance at both meeting for your donations.

Thank you,

Suggested Items for Packages

writing cards or tablets     envelops     greeting cards     AT&T phone cards     deoderant     travel size toiletries     tooth paste     body powder     foot powder     mouth wash     eye drops     lip balm     Snacks     beef jerky    nuts    hard candy     coffee     tea     hot cocca mix     hot cider mix     flavor packets for bottled water     White athletic socks     crossword puzzle books     pencils colored pencils     magazines     batteries     towels     small packets of laundry detergent     bug repellent     flash lights     toilet paper     wet wipes     trail mixs     granola bars     girl scout cookies     small packages of OREO cookies{ they were on every list}.    This is only a small list of the many items that the soldiers need or really miss.