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Monmouth Battlefield Hike: Help Needed

posted Mar 18, 2017, 1:00 PM by Doug Gifford

We will need some logistical help with our hike next Saturday.

- We need several drivers to meet us at the end of the hike at the battle monument by the Freehold courthouse and drive us back to camp at Quail Hill late Saturday afternoon. There will be 12 of us and we have one driver with a mini van who has agreed to help, but we will need two or three more.  If you are able to help please let me know.  As a thank you, you will be a guest of the scouts for dinner back at the camp site.

- If anyone is interested in towing the troop trailer for us (either dropping it off Friday evening or picking it up Sunday morning, or both) please let me know.  
Thank you

Doug Gifford