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Parent's of Summer Camp Scouts

posted Jul 15, 2017, 11:14 AM by Patricia Misyak-Peters
So, this is it, the hourly count down to summer camp.  For those parent's who have not sent a scout to summer camp, here's a quick note.
The scouts were given a "shake down" before we broke for the summer.  Ask them what they remember from the meeting. 

Care Packages:  you can send one.  Just do it by MONDAY the latest otherwise your scout may not receive it in time.  What's good to pack? Cards, food that doesn't melt - ok they love chocolate, but not so great when it's melted over everything.  Kind bars, gummy bears.... Mia water supplement or crystal light packets for water bottles.  They can add it to their water bottle if they get tired of water.   Send to:

            Troop 258 New Jersey
            Camp NoBeBoSco
            12 Sand Pond Road
             Blairstown, NJ    07825

Good items to have.  ROPE!  Why? - to hang your wet clothes!  Tell your scout NOT to put wet clothing in a plastic bag until they are ready to come home.  Believe me, been there, done that.  Seriously considered tossing all the clothing that came home our first year that sat in his plastic bag and molded!  A week of heat and humidity, you do the science....the smell was something to knock you over and bleach only works so well. 

Plastic bag for wet stuff coming home.  Shoes, bathing suit...towel.  Try the Zip Lock BIG BAGS.  We've had ours for over 5 years!

A sharpie marker!  Why - the scouts should have their names on everything!  Even underwear! 

GOLD BOND!  and A&D ointment!   This is essential material for any camping trip.  No fun if your scout gets chaffed.  I buy it every Christmas and put it in the stockings!

Water shoes - no these are not flip flops.

You can try a toothbrush and tooth paste - no promises. 

Soap!  Again you can try!!!!  However, I find that buying a box of the Oil of Oley face towels are great!  No bar of soap to drop and get sandy.  They pack small.  Just wet and they have the soap already in there.  Rinse and discard the towel.  Don't get pre-moistened ones those are really for just make-up.  Otherwise - GOLD BOND!

WATER BOTTLE with carabiner!  This is a must.  Talk to your scout about staying hydrated.  drink, drink, drink.

CLASS A Uniform!  and SCOUT BOOK.  Yes - you need these. 

Lots of sun screen, bug spray. 

BUG netting.  Mr. Cats told the scouts, there are enough mosquitoes to carry them away in their sleep.  The older scouts can show how to set it up. 

So there you have it.  This is just one parent's take away.  Make sure you take down Mr. Equils information for the previous IMPORTANT POST.  Have a great trip everyone! 

Yours in Scouting,
Patti Misyak-Peters