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Scout Book

posted Jan 12, 2020, 9:36 AM by Jody Havens
Parents / Scout / Committee Members and Assistant Scout Masters

We are over a year of  "using" Scout Book But we are not really using it.  Moving forward Scout will not receive there Rank Advancement unless they have entered their information into Scout Book.  Committee Member and Assistant Scout Masters can not enter the information in for their scout because you are an approver.  The scout MUST create their own log in to enter each advance once they have been signed off in the book.   

Scouts - I will be reviewing your books, doing the comparison to Scout Book this Wednesday, If you have a cell phone please go head and download the App  and create your account with your parents permission.  If you do not have a cell phone that is OK go ahead and create your account on your computer and get your information entered.   

Rank Advancement Leaders -  Use the Needs Approval report in Scout Book, this will give you list if everything that needs to be approved for all scouts review your group and make approved if appropriate.  You can send the scout questions back to scout if you need more information.   If you need my assistance please feel free to call me. 

NEVER MARK ANYTHING AWARDED this will be done by the Rank Advancement Coordinator

Parents / Leaders/ Committee Members - you are not to approve any of your scouts rank advancement they MUST go to the Rank Advancement Leader for sign off.  You may notices that I'm going through scout book and unapproving anything you have approved or awarded.

Thank you 
Mrs. Havens