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posted Jun 16, 2015, 5:29 PM by John Cataudella


2015 Cooking Merit Badge Sessions; "A Scout is Clean"

As you know in 2014 the Cooking Merit Badge had new requirements and it became an Eagle Rank required merit
badge.   This makes our Cooking Merit Badge Courses one of the most popular and largest in camp, with multiple instructors and volunteers.  As a Scout Leader of a unit coming to Raven Knob Scout Reservation this summer, I wanted to give you some information for any youth in your unit taking Cooking Merit Badge at camp this summer:

o New Boy Scouts (first year scouts) should not take this course until they have had multiple cooking, outing planning, and camping experiences.

o The Cooking Merit Badge at Raven Knob is based on "Cooking Concepts" dealing with camping health, sanitation, planning, the use of cooking knives, actual cooking using stoves, fire pits and Dutch ovens.  

o Each youth should purchase the BSA Cooking Merit Badge Booklet and begin to read and review the materials found in the book prior to camp.  This one little book has great information and recipes for the youth to use on outings and throughout his scouting career and into adulthood.  It will help the youth
complete his/her Cooking Merit Badge Workbook.  The youth should bring his MB book to each session

o Each youth should go to   and download the 28 page Cooking Merit Badge Work Book and review the materials found in the work book.  As a Scout Leader you may, prior to camp, sign off on those portions of the workbook that deal with planning a meal for a family, patrol, back packing and any other requirements your scout has completed as a member of your unit.  The booklet will be needed at each daily session and it serves to show an "Incomplete" or "Completed" course on our records.  The youth will retain his workbook at the end of the week.

o If the youth does not bring a merit badge work book, one can be provided for a fee of $3.00.

o The youth should have some knowledge of the USFDA program called "My Plate".

o Requirements found in the Cooking Merit Badge Booklet, can NOT be used for advancement in other ranks, Tenderfoot, Second Class, or First Class.  

o The instructor(s) will have a two hour course followed by lunch or supper depending on the time of the session.  The youth will be cooking prior to their mess hall meals in those two hours and having his meals in the Cooking Merit Badge shelter.   If you wish for your unit member to be at meals, please notify the merit badge instructor of his class.

o Any youth with dietary issues should bring those issues to the instructor’s attention to prevent any
problems with the food being cooked and served.  Food alternatives will be made available for those youth, such cooking Veggie Burgers or frozen fish.

o It would be good for the youth to bring his/her/troop back packing stove, so he may use his/her own stove in class for the back packing cooking session.

We look forward to seeing you and your unit at camp this summer and in Cooking Merit Badge.