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Thank You Freehold Challenger Volunteers

posted Jun 15, 2014, 6:59 PM by Choong Yim
Just want to convey the many thanks and acknowledgements we got from the directors and parents of the Freehold Challenger League to the following who volunteered at the event.
Sean Yim
John Espinos
Kevin Reinknecht
Dan Jaichner
Robert Silver
Greg Lancelot
Anthony Tudorov
William Carroll
Daniel Carroll
Patrick Guilmette
Tommy Fee

Mr. Huy
Mr and Mrs. Reinknecht and Eileen Reinknecht
Mr. Jaichner
Mr. Carroll
Mr. Guilmette and Skylar Gilmette
Mr. Fee
Greg Lacko
Mr. Brophy and Peter Brophy

Great job, thank you and very proud of you all.