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posted Aug 29, 2016, 11:13 AM by Patricia Misyak-Peters

Welcome Back Troop 258!

We hope you have enjoyed your time off this summer, and continue to have fun this last week.  The committee has met over the summer and we are all very excited about the upcoming year.  Lots of old favorites are on the agenda as well as some new and exciting things.  Parents – PLEASE share this email with your scout!  Scouts – please get on the email list if you aren’t. 

Are you ready? 


Here are some important dates and items for you to clock into the calendar.


First meeting:                    September 7th.  7:00pm Taunton School.  

                                                We will have merit badge sign ups right away. 

                                                A week:  Radio & Chess.  This will start September 14th.  Please note:  Chess will                                                                 be held from 6:30pm – 7:00pm!!!!

                                                B week: Citizenship in the World & Personal Management (First class & above                                                                   only!)


                                                As always – please work on your camping merit badge and give your paperwork                                                                 into Mr. Guilmette when you think you have completed everything.


First Camping trip:           Assateague Island.  September 30th-October 2nd.  This will be a family camping                                                                 trip should you choose.  We have a group site and we secured another site up the road.  The                                                 boys will still camp as a unit.  The boys will still be in charge!  So if you would like to come                                                     and see what your scout does on these trips please join us.  More information will be given                                                 out at the meetings.


OA Fall PowWow:            For the boys who were selected to be part of the Order of the Arrow, the fall                                                                   powwow is September 9th – 11th.


Committee Meeting:      Next Committee Meeting is September 11th. 


We hope every has a great Labor Day weekend.  See you soon!


Yours in Scouting,

Patti Misyak-Peters